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Did you know that hula and flamenco dancing is incredibly popular with Japanese women?
They love dancing because it gives them a sence of femininity, romanticism and some say
eroticism that is missing from their lives.

Learn to dance! or at least have an interest in it.

Because  most Asian men do not indulge in such forms of dancing,  Now Hula, flamenco, Hawaiian and Spanish dancing have become hugly popular and are considered by most Asian women much better than ballroom dancing simply because no men are necessary!

Learn – to – dance.

Asian women

Beautiful Chinese women from dating site

Beautiful Chinese women

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Beautiful Chinese actress zhang-ziyi denies sex scandal



Beautiful Chinese actress zhang-ziyi denied any involvement in the sex scandal that rocked the media today.

The actress who stared in  “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”  filed  lawsuits against outlets that have implicated her in a political sex scandal,  Zhang, 33,  is accused of receiving millions of dollars in exchange for sexual favors, most notably with ousted Politiburo member Bo Xilai

Chinese Woman from international Asian dating site.

Chinese Woman from Asian Dating Site

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Dating Chinese Women.

Dating Chinese Women

Dating Chinese women

Chinese women.

For the last four thousand years in china women have had to cope with the fact that they are very low down on the pecking order of things, China girls have had a hard time being women in china over the years having to endure rules like foot binding which was outlawed in china in 1912 but this law was mostly disregarded right up in to the 1950s.

In china today the men still come first and the male child is revered and due to the one child rule in china
there is at least 30% more men in china than women.

So it would seem on the surface that due to the fact that there is so many men in china that Chinese women would have no problem finding a husband and settling down to have a nice cosy life .

Why do Chinese women join Asian dating sites?

It is true that a lot of urban Chinese women today enjoy new personal freedoms that were previously denied to them.
In fact Most of the Chinese brides to be that join asian dating sites looking for foreign western husbands tend to have good jobs in one of the big cities. and be pretty successful in their own right unlike many countries whose women come from a more economical deprived background. So the vast majority of young chinese brides signing up to international dating sites to meet western men are not desperate or socially isolated in any way.
In fact, the Chinese women signing up to become Asian mail order brides are among the country’s most beautiful successful and intellectual young women.

So you would think that these beautiful, successful young women should be happy to marry a chinese man and live in china , but these days as they have more access to western media they realise that the freedom of life in the west and the higher status they would have is much more preferable to living in the tight ingrained cultural constrictions of their own country.

Divorce in china is very common and on mostly 100% free chinese dating sites you will meet a lot of divorced women looking for more freedom and a better quality of life in the western world with a romantic loving western man.

Chinese mail order brides really long to be respected and romanced as romance plays a huge role in their physic.

They are not desperate to find western men as there are certainly more than enough men for them to choose from in China.

In fact, because of the pressures of the one child policy per family, there are about 40 million more men and boys under 65 than women and girls,

Chinese woman make good Asian brides and if you respect them and they will be loyal to you till the end.

Pictures of Chinese women.

When you are looking through the hundreds of pictures of beautiful Chinese girls on Asian dating sites you should just keep in mind that the trend among Chinese women is to post photos which have been professionally retouched to make them even more beautiful, one technique is skin lightning because in china light skin is considered to be most attractive as opposed to western women who consider a good tan to be attractive  also do not fall for the ” big eyes” contact lenses that are so popular in Asia now (these contacts make the eyes much bigger and sexier than they might really be and can change the whole appearance of the face) so when you start dating a Chinese woman or any Asian woman you should ask her to send you a few natural photos of herself as opposed to studio taken photographs.

So how do you approach  dating a beautiful Chinese woman?

At first most chinese woman will be very aloof and there will not be a lot of hugging or falling into your arms rather she will show her feelings toward you in a more subtle way like being concerned for your health like telling you to wear a heavy coat outside if it is cold. she may hold your hand but you have to remember to take it slow and easy. you have to show great respect to their family and after a time she will become less demure and some men say the change in their personality can be quite surprising.

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Looking for an Asian bride doesn’t need to break the bank as there are a lot of 100%  good free Asian dating sites out there for singles looking for love.

Although looking is fine, but if you are serious in your quest to find an Asian bride then you should expect to pay to join a reputable dating site as these sites give you the piece of mind that you have a higher level of protection against people trying to scam you.

Top Tip..

Google translator page is a free way of translating your correspondence with your Chinese pen pal because on a lot of asian dating sites they will charge you for translating e mails between you and your new prospective chinese girlfriend.

One thing … Meanings and words can get mixed up or lost in the translation so only use this for non essential communication.

Try it here. Google translate

Chinese women news.

Chinese swimmer Ye Shiwen who stunned the athletic world with her stunning record-breaking win of the women’s

400 meters in the UK Olympics has had all the drug tests and has passed as drug free. one amazing Chinese girl!

Ye Shiwen

Ye Shiwen

Liu Yang, a 33-year-old major in the People’s Liberation Army blasted into space recently.

Liu Yang, a 33-year-old major in the People's Liberation Army

Liu Yang, a 33-year-old major in the People’s Liberation Army

Beautiful Chinese actress zhang-ziyi denies sex scandal.

Beautiful Chinese actress zhang-ziyi denied any involvement in the sex scandal that rocked the media .

The actress who stared in  “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”  filed  lawsuits against outlets that have implicated her in a political sex scandal,  Zhang, 33,  is accused of receiving millions of dollars in exchange for sexual favors, most notably with ousted Politiburo member Bo Xilai.

Beautiful Chinese actress zhang-ziyi denies sex scandal

Beautiful Chinese actress zhang-ziyi denies sex scandal

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