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Asian girls looking for men



Did you know that hula and flamenco dancing is incredibly popular with Japanese women?
They love dancing because it gives them a sence of femininity, romanticism and some say
eroticism that is missing from their lives.

Learn to dance! or at least have an interest in it.

Because  most Asian men do not indulge in such forms of dancing,  Now Hula, flamenco, Hawaiian and Spanish dancing have become hugly popular and are considered by most Asian women much better than ballroom dancing simply because no men are necessary!

Learn – to – dance.

Asian girl looking for husband.

Asian girl looking for husband.

Asian girl looking for husband.

Dating single Asian girls or divorced Asian girls with kids?

The question I am asked a lot of the time is, which type of Asian girls should I date with the view to marriage?

You have all heard the old story, lonely middle-aged man falls deeply in love with a young girl half his age has a great few weeks then marriage then boom!…. it’s over buddy!

Yet quite a lot of men do this over and over this is fine, but what does a middle-aged man do with an 18-year-old girl? …OK, we all know the answer to that one! but you have to look at this subject very closely and seriously.

Believe me, it is a better use of your time, mental anguish and money looking for a Asian woman that is closer to your own age.

Dating a young slim beautiful Asian siren is every mans dream but you have to
ask yourself what would you have in common with these 18-year-old Asian girls?

It is not going to be easy in the first place what with the different cultural and language differences between you.

You have to remember that you have seen a lot more of life than a lot of these young girls and you are probably
settled in your ways so you have to remember there is nothing sadder than a old guy at the “disco” with his young attractive trophy wife from Asia with him trying to compete with guys half his age not to mention dealing with all the attention she gets from all the younger guys then there’s the gossip aspect of it from your peers then you have ask your self unless your are brad pitt of course why is this beautiful Asian woman interested in me? make up your own mind.

The smart man chooses a Asian woman who has lived on this planet a little longer than 18 years a woman who has seen a bit of life and has done all the young stuff and now wants to settle down and have a serious relationship with a responsible man who will take care of her now this is where my friend, you will find true love and companionship and happiness.

Another question I have been asked is, should I date a single woman or a Asian woman with kids?
There is no definitive answer to this but from the guys I have met that have married Asian women with kids say their marriages are more stable because of the kids but most of these guys were divorced and had kids from  previous marriages that didn’t work out so kids were not a problem.

But if you are a single middle-aged man who has never had kids you might want to consider all the pros and cons.

Because if you marry an Asian woman with kids it will change your life, end of story. not necessarily in a negative sense but it will change your life,… Big Time.

This needs much soul-searching on your part to see if you are ready or willing to take on kids, but you should consider the question before you start looking for an Asian mail order bride on a dating site. this will sharpen your search criteria and increase your chances of finding a Asian soul mate.

Dating Japanese Women.

Japanese girl of the day.Dating Japanese Women.

Dating Japanese Women.

Japanese women are mostly well-educated, hardworking and make beautiful wives and mothers with a high sence of duty and loyalty to their family’s and husband. Their sence of duty comes from the girl’s family, her schools and government who always try to reinforce traditional national values that is entrenched in japanese national culture and Japanese men have very high expectations of their wives. While this may seem an outdated cultural value system to western minds the traditional japanese wife trys very hard to conform to the values of obeying her husband and looking after the family. But this can be hard for them because Japan is now a country very heavily influenced by western culture and has developed a unique euro/american western manga pop culture that is unique to Japan.

So the stereotypical submissive and sexy geisha japanese woman you are looking for is not quite what you get today. They are mostly looking to marry a western man to escape their culturally ingrained responsibility and most girls in japan try to shake off their old traditional values and focus on self-improvement courses and programs and this is a factor in why japanese woman seek out western husbands and you have to bear in mind that a woman from japan that seeks out a western husband probably wants to escape from their responsibilities of being a typical traditional japanese mother.

japan has a smaller number of women seeking western marriage than other asian country’s this is mostly due to the socio-economic and cultural traditions of their country. But the good news is that the japanese women who make the leap into international dating by joining an Asian dating site are usually well versed in western ways and want to live in a more open western culture and to be treated with respect as individuals.
Mail order Japanese brides who enter marriage with a western man are usually well-educated and usually have their own source of money so you have to remember that you are not marrying a penniless girl who desperately wants to escape a socially deprived poverty trap but a cultured, well-educated woman in her own right with her own money.

Dating a Japanese woman is more formal and complicated than dating western woman and there are rules you will have to follow for example dating in japan is a much slower process than in the west because japanese brides to be are not totally committed to the concept of finding love and marriage with a western man and usually join dating sites out of frustration with their place in japanese society as a second class citizen to japanese men.

Younger japanese woman have taken english as a subject in school and have a reasonable grasp of the language but have trouble with the spoken side of things so phone conversations with your bride to be can be sometimes frustrating in the extreme and it might be hard to understand her in a conversation over the phone. but there are some japanese women who speak english well but this is the exception rather than the rule.

If this is an issue for you, you can, when you search for a Asian bride on an Asian dating site  search only for women that speak good English the down side to this is that you are limiting yourself to a small proportion of women on these sites.

Another factor while dating a japanese woman is her family and you will have to meet them sooner than later in the relationship and you will have to pass muster with them as a japanese woman will not simply run off with a western man as it would bring shame on them, their family and their ancestors.

So when meeting the parents you should take it very seriously indeed always dress formally like going to a business meeting always have your best clothes and jewellery on and be impeccably neat and clean. Always remain calm and respectful, smile as much as you can and talk in a low register.

Remember the girls fathers role is to remain cool to the fact that his daughter is going to marry a foreigner and will not welcome you with open arms but do not be put off by his manner as this happens most of the time when a japanese girl takes her husband to be to meet her parents. always eat lightly nod and smile a lot and you will find that the girl will do most of the talking and unless you make a total mess of things you will usually win her parents approval. because at the end of the day the girl knows how to win her parents over and they want her to be happy.

Finding, dating and marring a japanese woman is usually more challenging than dating women from other asian country’s but the Japanese woman will usually give the last word to the husband and will be incredibly loyal and will look after their man and family in every way they can as it is a matter of pride with them.

Looking for an Asian bride doesn’t need to break the bank as there are a lot of 100% good free Asian dating sites out there for singles looking for love.  Give a few a try you will be impressed at the amount of beautiful Asian girls online.

Although, looking is fine, but if you are serious about finding an Asian bride then you should expect to pay to join a reputable dating site as these sites provide you with the piece of mind that you have a much higher level of protection against people trying to scam you.

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How to date Asian Women

how to date Asian Women

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 Asian girl of the day website

Asian dating sites reviews.

List of Asian dating sites that I have used and they are not all the same experience.

Dating sites reviews…

Asianbeautys .com          overall score   8/10

This site has by far the most beautiful women of any Asian dating site and the standard of photography is
excellent, maybe too excellent, every picture is professionally taken in a studio.

This is not misleading per say, but if you are interested in a girl then you need to see an everyday picture without the benefit of large brown contact lenses and a professional taking her picture.

The overall layout of the website is professional and very easy to navigate.

The most annoying thing about this site (For me) is the pop up with a random selection of girls on it, this is
fine but a bit annoying when you are trying to read the profile and look at the pictures of the girl you have
clicked on.
It is now free to see the  extra photos of the girls on this site, but there is a new twist that
has just started with the girls having so-called private photos and to see these photos you have to send a message to the girl and this costs credits.

You get the usual emails to your inbox every day for the girls birthdays asking you if you want to send flowers etc .

While it is free to join and search for girls you have to pay for some of the services and features.

This website also has the benefit of confirmed profiles, this lessens your chances of meeting a scammer.

This Asian dating website mostly has women from china.

Overall score. 7/10……          Great site for posed photographs and beautiful Asian women

but I deduct one point and give it a 8/10 because of the slightly unreal quality of the photography.



Cherry blossoms. com    overall score   7/10

Another good fun style dating site with a greater cross-section of asian women, the photography is usually not  professionally taken, but taken by the girls themselves.

This can be a good thing as it gives a more real picture of the girl upfront.

The site is easy to navigate and you get the usual matches in your inbox everyday the one thing here is the links in the emails they send you do not always work as well as they should, in other words you can click on three different women and the same profile comes up each time which can be somewhat frustrating also the matches they send you everyday seem to be more of a random selection of girls and not really matched well to your profile.

A good aspect of this site is you can see all the pictures of the girls for free.
and the search facility is different to asian beauty’s and is more user-friendly.

Overall score 7/10….


25 July

Asian dating. com  Overall score 8/10

Asian dating.com.

Good asian dating site with a slightly less shove girls down your throat attitude this is a more low-key site
with a good user-friendly search facility.

This Asian girl dating site has a good cross-section of asian girls mostly from the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia and Vietnam.

The picture search is excellent and easy to use with no annoying pop ups, most of the pictures are self shot and you can scan through a lot of girls quickly and get a better sense of what they really  look like in everyday life and not in unreal  posed situations.

Overall score   8/10


1st Aug

Asian girls on line. com                    Overall score 6/10

This dating site uses a different search engine using sliders.

The gallery of girls is very easy to navigate and you can scan a lot of profiles quickly.
The majority of girls are from China  again like asian beauty’s the quality of the photos is exceptional and are mostly all professionally taken.

Another good thing is you can see all the photos in each girls profile for free.
and the profiles are very comprehensive.

Overall score 6/10


10 Aug.

Asia match.com                      Overall score 8/10                       

I like this site!

Nice asian dating site like asian beauty’s.com  with good photographs

The picture search is excellent and easy to use, there is a (ladies on-line now) pop up but this is not as annoying as asian beautys one you can click to get rid of it.

Photos are mostly studio shot. but there is no restrictions on looking at the girls other photos. mostly the girls are from China. While it is free to join you have to pay for some of the services and features. and the site does not spam your email.

I like this site overall score 8/10

Check back regularly as more reviews will be posted here.