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Chinese zodiac Which sign are you and which is your best match?

Chinese zodiac

There are twelve animal signs in the Chinese zodiac.

Rat.  Ambitious and hard working leaders. Charming to the opposite sex. . Best match for love with the Ox, monkey and dragon.

Ox. Are responsible, Hard working. Sometimes bigoted, stubborn and always assured they’re right.Best love match with Rat, snake and rooster.

Tiger.  Are  charismatic and Courageous . is a deep thinker, can be indecisive but sensitive. Likes to show off. Best love match with Dog, horse and dragon.

Rabbit.  Are  Funny articulate and good with money. Artistic and diplomatic. Peace loving and seldom lose their temper. Best love match with Dog, goat, Pig.

Dragon.  Optimistic and brave. They inspire confidence and trust in others. can be judgemental and egotistical.
Best love match with Snake, rooster and monkey.

Snake.  Confident and wise, passionate, evasive and mysterious. They hate to fail.  Best love match with Ox, rooster and dragon.

Horse.  Wise,  Adventurous and talented and independent. Lots of friends but bad at taking advice. Best love match with Dog, tiger and goat.

Goat.  Graceful and artistic  popular and romantic. May be insecure and awkward underneath. Best love match  with Horse, Pig and rabbit.

Monkey.  Good problem solvers. Excellent memories but often impatient for results can be too eager.  Best love match with dragon and Rat.

Rooster. Deep thinkers can be very Ambitious and efficient. . Stubborn, enthusiastic and vain, but with a good sense of humour. Best love match with Snake, dragon and ox.

Dog.  Honest and  loyal. A true friend, but also afraid of rejection, pessimistic and sometimes  finding fault with others. Best love match with Tiger, rabbit and horse.

Pig.  Quiet and generous but with a lust for knowledge always decides to tackle life’s problems head on.
Best love match with Goat and rabbit.