All Asian dating sites are not scams

Hot Asian girl

How can you weed out the scammers from the legitimate asian girls that are genuinely looking for a western man?

Asian dating scams and how to avoid being scammed

Most girls are genuine,  friendly and honorable but every so often men are scammed out of money by a girl who is having problems either with the authorities, family members that are sick in hospital, she needs money for a flight or has run out of money in some way and now is desperate and needs your help.

While one in a million
stories might be genuine, the majority are in fact just con jobs to relieve you of cash and then the love
of your life vanishes into thin air. in fact there may never have been a girl in the first place just a
phantom who’s profile could have put up by some member of a criminal gang whose members pose as potential girls
looking for husbands, the main rule here is…

Never send money or give your credit card details to any girl you
may meet on-line.

Most girls as I said are genuine and will never ask you for your credit card details or an emergency loan to get them out of trouble. If they do then alarm bells should ring!

Use your common sence and you will have a very enjoyable experience meeting new Asian ladies..

How can you avoid being scammed?

The simple answer is you have to pay to  join a reputable dating site as this lessens your chances of meeting a scammer on line.

By all means go to any of the 100% free Asian dating sites and have a look but if you are serious  at some stage the best option is to pay to join as the girls will have paid also.

As I said paying only limits your exposure to scammers so the same advice applies for all dating sites………

Keep Your Wits About You!